New York League of Conservation Voters Endorses John Testa For County Legislator


Sept. 9, 2013

Dan Hendrick, (212) 361-6350 ext. 206

NEW YORK — The New York League of Conservation Voters, which works to make environmental sustainability a top political and policy priority in New York State, has announced its endorsement of John Testa for Westchester County Legislator in District 1.
Legislator Testa’s environmental record began long before he was elected to the Board of Legislators in 2009.  As the Mayor of Peekskill from 2002-2007, he put environmental issues at the forefront of his agenda, from solid waste removal program to construction of a new water treatment facility.

Now a member of the Board of Legislators’ Environment & Energy Committee, Testa has supported and helped develop county policies such as a hybrid vehicle law for county vehicles; an extended recycling law; promoting home energy audits; tax breaks for solar panel installation in homes; promoting green job creation; legislation to streamline the county certification process for solar panel installers; and the bonding and infrastructure improvements made to several county parks.

“For the past 15 years as an elected official as a Peekskill City Councilman, Peekskill Mayor and now Westchester County Legislator, John Testa has a strong and consistent record of supporting environmental initiatives,” said NYLCV President Marcia Bystryn. “Because of his impressive track record and vision for an even greener, cleaner future, we are proud to endorse John Testa for the Board of Legislators.”

“It is an honor to once again be endorsed by the New York League of Conservation Voters for my re-election,” Legislator John Testa responded. “As an elected official I have worked diligently to institute policies and initiatives designed to protect and improve the environment and our precious natural resources. I look forward to continuing this focus in my next term as Westchester County Legislator. I thank NYLCV for their endorsement.”


The New York League of Conservation Voters  (NYLCV) was founded in 1989 as a nonpartisan, policy making and political action organization that works to make environmental protection a top priority with elected officials, decision makers, and voters by evaluating incumbent performance and endorsing and electing environmental leaders to office in New York State.

About Legislator John G. Testa

John G. Testa, a life-long resident of Peekskill, began his first term on the Westchester County Legislature in January 2010. Prior to his successful run for the District 1 Legislative seat, he served 3 terms as Mayor of Peekskill from January 2002 until December 2007. Before becoming mayor he also served a four-year term as a Councilman. From his first days in office Testa worked tirelessly to set the City on the path of economic stability. Peekskill flourished under this plan, increasing the city fund balance to its highest in history. During John’s tenure in office, the NY State Comptroller’s Office named Peekskill one of the most fiscally sound municipalities in the State; independent auditors proclaimed Peekskill as being in its best fiscal condition in over 30 years; and Moody’s Investor Service agreed to upgrade its bond rating, resulting in further savings. The plan he put in place was so successful that it enabled the City of Peekskill to pass three budgets in a row with a 0% tax increase. These fiscal skills will prove valuable to Testa as he works to put the brakes on what has been wildly escalating county spending and unchecked government growth. He has pledged his efforts to work to consolidate services, eliminate wasteful spending and improve efficiency. In addition to the fiscal conservatism that served Peekskill so well, Testa worked to promote the city, attracting investment, jobs and an increased tax base. Over $100 million of private investment came to Peekskill in the forms of new residential construction, retail space, and the redevelopment of historic structures. As Mayor, Testa led a successful battle to stop the unfair and unsafe plan to send sewage to the Peekskill plant from outside the sewage/water district. John’s roots are deep within the soil of Northern Westchester. His father’s family has lived here for more than a century and his mother’s family is nearing that mark. He is proud that he was born in Peekskill and has lived and worked here all his life and, with his wife Nancy raised their two children here.
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